Step Right Up!

This article first appeared in Star
Step Right Up
Star article

The greatest show on earth is coming to your television. Six brave celebrities take on death-defying stunts to find out who is most at home under the Big Top!

In the new reality competition Celebrity Circus, celebrities perform awe-inspiring stunts – and we’re not talking about getting their own lattes! After eight weeks of training, the six stars test their circus skills on the flying trapeze, high wire and even the dreaded Wheel of Death! Each week, viewers’ votes determine who is eliminated and who goes on to win Big Top bragging rights. Star caught up with the fledgling fire dancers at their final rehearsal.

My Fair Brady’s Christopher Knight practiced walking on the tightrope-with a trainer on his shoulders! So what does his wife, Adrianne Curry, think of the death-defying stunts? “She asked me not to do the Wheel of Death. It’s nice to have someone finally worry!”

Jason Acuna, the littlest Jackass star, has years of experience in the stunt department, but one fan still panicked when she heard he was doing the show. “My mom was worried,” he says. “Everyone else is stoked. We might see some of these moves on Jackass!”

Olympic gold medalist, swimmer Janet Evans, is a fish in the water, but on land she’s as human as everyone else. “Everyone thought Celebrity Circus would be easier for me because I’m the athlete,” she laughs. “But I’m the biggest klutz here!”

R&B songstress Blu Cantrell is so dedicated to the show that she put her new album on hold. “I can barely lift my arms when I leave this place, so I can’t work on it now,” she says. “Sometimes when I get home, I pass out in my clothes.”

Soap actor Antonio Sabato Jr. took a break from practicing a routine on the silk ropes, one of his favorite acts, to talk about how difficult the challenges can be. “It’s been harder than I ever imagined. Sometimes it’s even petrifying, but you just do it.”

Former supermodel Rachel Hunter helped make Dancing with the Stars a hit three years ago, and now she’s back on reality TV. But surviving the fire dance, which is juggling and performing gymnastics with knives and batons that are on fire, isn’t exactly a waltz.

-Karen Fredrickson


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